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Sectors of activity

Technical assistance and evaluation of EU programs and projects


IZI SpA supports the Public Administration in planning, managing and implementing policies and programs co-financed through the European Structural Funds, providing:

  • Assistance to the strategic planning, the implementation, and management of policies and interventions
  • Preliminary assessments of projects and programs
  • Projects and Programs Monitoring
  • Technical, administrative and accounting controls of I and II level in accordance with current Community legislation
  • Supporting the process of simplification of reporting under the Reg (EU) n. 1303/2013, Reg (EU) n. 1304/2013 and Reg (UE) n. 1299/2013
  • Planning of local development interventions: market analysis, identification of growth opportunities, identification of intervention areas, definition of funding sources, institutional support activities for the definition of administrative bureaucratic procedures

The company is also committed to strengthening the skills needed for the Public Administration intervention, thanks to the delivery of specific staff training.


IZI Spa supports the Public Administration in assessing interventions’ results and impacts, with the ultimate goal of enhancing policy effectiveness and efficiency. In particular, IZI carries out:

  • Ex-Ante, Mid-Term and Ex-Post Evaluations of Programs co-financed through the European Structural Funds;
  • Thematic Evaluations of programs strategic/cross-cutting themes;
  • Strategic Environmental Evaluations.

Statistical surveys, market research, opinion polls

The statistical surveys, market research, and opinion polls sector has greatly developed and evolved in the past few years. In order to effectively operate in the sector, IZI has thus acquired specific competencies and skills in statistics, IT, as well as in the themes and topics covered by the surveys, such as economics, transport, environment, and retail. IZI is endowed with a complex operational structure composed of specialized human resources (networks of enumerators, field supervisors etc.) in addition to dedicated facilities (CATI rooms, software, etc.). Among the activities carried out by IZI SpA it is possible to mention:

  • CATI, CAPI and CAWI surveys;
  • Qualitative data collection (in-depth interviews, Focus Groups, etc.);
  • Opinion polls on themes linked to politics and consumption;
  • Data coding and editing;
  • Data entry;
  • Mystery shopping and Mystery calling;
  • Panel surveys;
  • Analysis of consumer behavior;
  • Marketing mix analysis;
  • Research on urban and extra-urban mobility;
  • Research on communication.

Quality control and monitoring of public services delivery

Strictly linked to the one previously described, this sector is related to the following activities:

  • Technical assistance on quality policy;
  • Monitoring of the quality delivered (Mystery Audit);
  • Monitoring of perceived and expected quality (customer satisfaction);
  • Technical Assistance and institutional support to the Public Administration;
  • Support to the Public Administration, evaluation and control of expenditures;
  • Monitoring and quality control of broadcasts (Radio and Television).

Support local development policies

Initially the core business of the company, this sector still represents today an important field among the many activities carried out by IZI SpA. It entails:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Project Financing
  • Tourism and Territorial marketing
  • Active Labor Market Policies
  • Support to entrepreneurship and self-employment

Some of our clients

We work with the most important international institutions, and with Italian companies and public entities and institutions.