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AGCOM – Three-year monitoring of the quality of the universal postal service 2021-2023

On February 28, 2022, IZI launched the quality monitoring of the universal postal service covering the three-year period 2021-2023 on behalf of AGCOM.

The service consists of 6 macro activities:

sample monitoring of the delivery times of ordinary mail service nationwide, to verify compliance with quality targets;

specific monitoring of ordinary mail delivery times in areas of the national territory where postal items are delivered on alternate days, in accordance with Resolution No. 395/15/CONS;

processing of data provided by Poste Italiane and Sample monitoring on the territory on compliance with the parameters in force regarding daily and hourly openings of post offices in the summer period (June 15 – September 15);

Sample monitoring on the territory verified at national and regional level on compliance with the opening hours of post offices to the public, as per Article 1 of Resolution No. 331/20/CONS and processing of final data provided by Poste Italiane;

nationally and regionally verified territory sample monitoring on compliance with the public closing hours of post offices, referred to in Article 2 of Resolution No. 331/20/CONS and processing of final data provided by Poste Italiane;

Sample monitoring related to the priority of service at the counter for users belonging to the categories deserving greater protection, referred to in Article 5 of Resolution No. 331/20/CONS;
sample monitoring related to the maximum average waiting time for a post office user before being served at the counter for the provision of a universal postal service, referred to in Article 3 of Resolution No. 331/20/CONS.
For the first two activities IZI will use a network of detectors (“droper” and “receiver”) built over time and represented by about 1,500 units. More than 170 thousand test letters per year will be sent – according to a well-defined sampling plan. For these letters, delivery times will be measured and compliance with quality standards set by AgCOM will be calculated.

For other activities, more than 200 surveyors will be involved who will verify on an annual basis compliance with opening hours, closing hours, service priorities at the counter for users deserving greater protection, and maximum waiting times at the counter of a representative sample of post offices. These surveyors will also be engaged in surveying compliance with current minimum standards for post office hours and openings during the summer period.

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