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Case Study

AGCOM - Italian Communications Authority


This monitoring assignment has represented for our company a chance for innovating our internal processes, facilitating the introduction of a flexible and multi-functional organization of the human resources in addition to relevant technological innovations. In partnership with an Italian company, Euregio SrL, IZI Spa has been developing and managing a specific IT platform designed to continuously (24h) monitor all programs of the national radio broadcasters subject to the law on socio-political pluralism and thus in need of tight control.

The IT platform mentioned above is in a process of continuous development and allows all entities operating in the sector, trained and coordinated by IZI’s staff, to collect the data needed for an appropriate monitoring: the platform provides a transcript of each broadcast ready for processing, also useful for checking on the work of each operator, with the final goal of extracting the relevant data and producing monthly reports as required by the Client.

Methodological and technical assets and skills are complementary in the successful implementation of the service, guaranteeing that all goals are fully achieved.

Services provided

Monitoring of broadcasts (national radio broadcasters) in relation to the socio-political pluralism, user guarantees, and planning obligations.

Period of implementation

February 2015 – ongoing


Three years