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Case Study

Bank of Italy


The contract foresees the implementation of a statistical survey on international tourism in Italy. In particular, the assignment aims at collecting data on expenditures of international in-coming travelers and of tourists leaving Italy. The objective of the data collection is the compilation of the “Travel” and “Passenger Transports” items of the Italian balance of payments according to the rules defined by the IMF in the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual.

The assignment includes counts of passengers fluxes and structured face-to-face interviews (around 100 000 per year).

This activity is one of the largest and most important sample surveys carried out in Italy for a public institution. It is implemented thanks to a network of more than 100 specialized enumerators located in 70 sample locations such as road/rail crossings, ports, and airports.

The survey also covers the collection of information on international freight transport by road.

Services provided

Statistical Survey on International Tourism in Italy.

Period of implementation

July 2015 – ongoing


Four years

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