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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Italian Cooperation


Contract to conduct the final impact evaluation of the Italian Cooperation’s intervention granting a Credit Line in favour of small and medium-sized enterprises in Tunisia (SMEs). The evaluation is conducted by a team of Tunisian and Italian experts and uses a counterfactual methodology to analyse the programme’s contribution to the results achieved. The project involves the use of an in-house team of expert evaluators and the service plans to provide resources and tools for data collection and analysis, in the context of the increasing use of advanced technologies for evaluation processes.



The intervention, financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, aims to contribute to economic development and the growth of employment levels in the country by supporting the ability of Tunisian SMEs to access credit.


Independent evaluation service of the ‘Credit Line in Tunisia for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ initiative.

Time period

October 2022


10 Months