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Case Study

Italian Authority for the electricity, the gas, and the water system


At the end of 2013, through an open tendering procedure, we have acquired an important new client: The Italian Authority for the Electricity, the Gas and the Water System (currently the Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment).

In this way, we were able to break through an entirely new sector of analysis for our company. We have analyzed a wide and varied sector, which is complex and full of opportunities: evaluation of the quality standards to be respected by the electricity companies, analysis of consumer behaviors, and assessment of the impact of the liberalized energy market on domestic and non-domestic clients.

Accordingly, we have conducted several analyses and assessments that required the use of various tools and the acquisition of specific knowledge in relation to the specific topic of analysis. We conducted a customer satisfaction survey regarding the call center service of electricity companies including 40 000 interviews per year, in addition to 28 focus groups, more than 60 in-depth interviews with sector experts, 8 000 household interviews and 3 500 enterprises interviews.

The complexity of the assignment required a range of specialized skills and competencies, to be employed in the process of data collection, elaboration and reporting: energy sector experts, statisticians, economists, and psychologists have in fact been part of the team working on the assignment.

The reports prepared were used by the Authority to support the decision-making and regulation definition process in a sector that – by definition- is capable of influencing the entire economy of a country. Energy efficiency, the supply from renewable and green energy sources, the competitiveness of the entire energy system are factors that contribute to making the entire country more competitive and to increasing the public welfare.

Services provided

Market research services for the Authority for the Electricity, the Gas and the Water System on quality of services, consumer protection, transparency, and liberalized energy markets.

Period of implementation

May 2014 – January 2018


Two years, with the possibility of a one-year extension

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