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Meloni’s 13th-month salary favors those who earn more

The new flat tax on employees’ 13th-month salary will benefit those who already have more. Meloni’s government is working on a flat tax – still not technically defined – which will be the same for all employees, who will pass from 4 different taxation brackets to a single one. Regardless of the figure, this flattening, opposed to the current principle of progressiveness, will favor those who earn the most.

To calculate the possible effects on payroll, we carried out a simulation assuming a 15% rate. In the transition to the flat tax, it appears that those who receive a GAS of up to 15,000 euros will not see their situation change in any way in December: a shop assistant will receive a 2% increase, meaning 22 euros on a 1000-euro-salary. The real winners will be employees such as those in the executive framework of the industrial sector, who will have a 20% increase in the 13th salary, going from just under 2,300 euros to just under 2,800. Halfway there is the metalworker, who will see the 13th salary increase by 11%, meaning about 189 euros on a salary of 1,700 euros and broken.

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